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Missing Female Toy Fox Terrier 9/25/15 Avon Lake MAYBE HEADED TO BAY

     Update this dog was spotted in the west winds and maybe trying to get to Huntington Beach where her family has spent a lot of time. It is critical not to chase her she is flee mode. Call bvpd or the numbers on the flyers.
Dog will bolt … not chase. Please call contact number if spotted.
Female Toy Fox Terrier 10#.  She does not come to her name Wheezie, might come to “cookies” or “go by by”.
Call Diane at 440-537-9278 Thank you!!!

Lost Dog Found!

September 23, 2015

My Heart came home in the middle of the night and is laying right here by my side. Yesterday, I had heard that dogs often travel at night so I left the garage door open as well as the door that leads from the garage to the backyard (the garage door is the only way she comes and goes from the house for her walks so I wanted to make her typical path available). I put her bed, food, and my dirty socks on the patio for her to find. Then I laid awake listening and watching (windows were open). Around 1:00 in the morning I heard 5 scratching noises outside. I called and called and didn’t see anything. I decided to check in the garage and make sure no vandals were messing around. Then Tess came hobbling up. She has not left my side since. She is suffering from exposure and her foot pads are raw from 4 days of running. I am very happy to carry her around until they heal. I’ll take this as one of the miracles that I will see in my lifetime. Loving Tess who is 4-ever home.

Thanks to all who helped make this possible.  Especially Nancy Brown who did not know me or Tess but gave of her time and experience to help us.

Martha Truchon


Good news for OH-IO. And it’s about time.

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Ohio: Thank you for all your help and support.

Ohio Save them all

Dear Friends:

I am so excited to be sending you this message to let you know about a big win for Ohio companion animals. Because of all of your amazing efforts, Governor John Kasich recently signed into law a state budget that includes language mandating that all peace officers in our state be trained to appropriately handle companion animal encounters.

That means that each and every Ohio police officer will now be trained to, among other things, respond safely and humanely to animal-related calls. Officers will also receive training in the use of non-lethal methods of handling dog-related encounters. In other words, for the first time in our state’s history, our officers will all learn how to peacefully respond to the animals they meet every day on the job. That’s what we call a win-win.

This victory could not have been accomplished without you. You’re always there to help when we call on you, and those efforts are why our state, our police and our animals will now be a lot safer.

This is a gigantic step toward the day when we will Save Them All®.

Thank you,

Lee Greenwood, Esq.
Legislative Attorney

If you have a question or concern about animal welfare please email

Summertime pet safety tips

by Friends of the Bay Village Kennel

Summer Pet Safety TipsFriends of the Bay Village Kennel would like to remind residents that with warmer weather, please remember to take the following precautions to keep pets safe.

Do not take pets in the car and leave them with cracked windows even to run a quick errand – leave them at home. Do not leave pets outside without fresh water, food during the day, shade and shelter.

When walking, use soft cloth or leather leashes that correlate to the size of your dog, and pick up and move them to the lawn so bikes and others can pass safely. Pick up that dog waste.

If you utilize electronic containment DO NOT leave your pets unsupervised. Recent increases in coyote activity and power failures could be deadly.

Ten Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips



Fourth of July is a holiday full of so many wonderful things – warm weather, pools, barbecues, and fireworks. But many of these same things can be dangerous for our pets. Here are ten safety tips that will help you and your pet have a fun and accident-free Independence Day.

Kennel Cleaning

Friends of the Bay Village Kennel,

Thank you so much for the “spring cleaning” of the kennel!  The extra attention you gave the kennel is very much appreciated by both the City and the dogs we may find it as a temporary home.   I am grateful that all of you have such a love of our pets and took your time to make the kennel that much better.

Please do contact me again in the fall for another cleaning.  In the meantime, if you noticed any building related issues that we need to be aware of, please send me an email so we can review.

Thank  you all!!


Mark A. Spaetzel

Chief of Police



Chief Spaetzel,

Six of us spent about three hours at the kennel on Saturday and gave it a very thorough cleaning.  Everything was taken outside, cleaned down, hosed off and dried.  The kennel itself was hosed down and the floor sanitized and cleaned.  Cabinets were cleaned, everything was organized and replaced.  We recovered one dead mouse and many, many droppings.  Just the nature of things, I guess, but we don’t feel that your cleaning service personnel are doing a very thorough job.  The kennel was very dirty.

We also carried all of the worn-out or broken crates and carriers to the dumpster and threw them away.  Same for the refrigerator which the fire chief said couldn’t be used any longer due to frayed wiring.  We set it next to the dumpster, we hope that it can be disposed of properly.

Several new plastic bins were provided for all the food stuffs and other items so that pests could not get them.  All-in-all, it was a very productive several hours.

We would like to do another cleaning in the fall before snow flies.  We will be in touch later in the year to coordinate a time.

We thank you for your cooperation and interest in the kennel and the welfare of the animals that need to be housed there.

The Bay Village Women’s Club has also offered to assist us with purchases or labor if needed.

Thanks again, Chief Spaetzel.


Tom Kauker

Janet Kauker

Nancy Brown

Ruth Glasmire

John Glasmire

Susan Murnane

Dennis Driscoll


Friends of the Bay Village Kennel