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Dog Needs a Home

This very well trained and behaved young female beagle mix is in need of a forever home.  Please contact Bvpd at 871-1234. Friends of the Bay Village Kennel will pay for vaccines. She weighs about 30lbs.

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lost-dogsThese young dogs were found in Porter Creek. Both have collars with no tags and no microchips. Golden is a neutered male, mixed dog is a female. Proof of ownership is required. PLEASE CONTACT BVPD 440-871-1234!

Unclaimed Dogs

As of November 17th , Bvpd has two unclaimed dogs in the kennel. A male golden retriever and female mix breed. Both have collars with no microchips. Please contact Bvpd if you know these dogs and proof of ownership will be required.

Friends of the Bay Village Kennel would like to remind residents of the importance of proper identification and that dog license tags are the law and will need to be renewed starting next month.

Animal Protective League on Nov. 12

The Bay Village Women’s Club will host a presentation by Sharon A. Harvey, Executive Director of the Cleveland Animal Protective League, at its November meeting. Having extensive knowledge in animal welfare issues and animal behavior, she will inform the group about how the APL is committed to being the voice of animals as it carries out its mission. The meeting is being held on Thursday, November 12, at 12:30 p.m. in the Community Room of the Bay Village Police Station, 28000 Wolf Rd. All interested persons are welcome. For information call 440-334-7539. Optional: bring a can of dog or cat food to donate to the APL.

Wheezie found!

Friends of the Bay Village Kennel send a huge congratulations to our neighbor Love A Stray dog division and especially Connie Fields for all of the effort and leadership she put into this amazing and very challenging rescue. Also a big thank you to our city for getting behind this effort and watching and calling. It was a huge joint community effort and a very happy ending.


Missing Female Toy Fox Terrier 9/25/15 Avon Lake MAYBE HEADED TO BAY

     Update this dog was spotted in the west winds and maybe trying to get to Huntington Beach where her family has spent a lot of time. It is critical not to chase her she is flee mode. Call bvpd or the numbers on the flyers.
Dog will bolt … not chase. Please call contact number if spotted.
Female Toy Fox Terrier 10#.  She does not come to her name Wheezie, might come to “cookies” or “go by by”.
Call Diane at 440-537-9278 Thank you!!!

Lost Dog Found!

September 23, 2015

My Heart came home in the middle of the night and is laying right here by my side. Yesterday, I had heard that dogs often travel at night so I left the garage door open as well as the door that leads from the garage to the backyard (the garage door is the only way she comes and goes from the house for her walks so I wanted to make her typical path available). I put her bed, food, and my dirty socks on the patio for her to find. Then I laid awake listening and watching (windows were open). Around 1:00 in the morning I heard 5 scratching noises outside. I called and called and didn’t see anything. I decided to check in the garage and make sure no vandals were messing around. Then Tess came hobbling up. She has not left my side since. She is suffering from exposure and her foot pads are raw from 4 days of running. I am very happy to carry her around until they heal. I’ll take this as one of the miracles that I will see in my lifetime. Loving Tess who is 4-ever home.

Thanks to all who helped make this possible.  Especially Nancy Brown who did not know me or Tess but gave of her time and experience to help us.

Martha Truchon